Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Don't Manage Anger. Eliminate It By Articulating It

I like to explode. You have to explode, but it has to be a controlled explosion. A contained explosion, and the way I contain it is through writing. If my anger can be articulated and its essence be captured in writing then guaranteed I will feel 100% better afterwards.
For some people their container or preferred way of articulating their anger is in music, or going to the gym or sports. Whatever it is, I think that you have to feel like you've let something out of you which is equivalent in magnitude to the anger you were feeling.
The world is more and more filled with stewers, who allow their anger to sit and fester inside. Not healthy whatsoever. They can look forward to an unexpressed life followed by an early grave. Stewers I find tend to use vehicles like sarcasm, parody, irony and satire to assert their frustrations, defending themselves whilst simultaneously attacking the thing which they perceive as a threat.
The problem with using these devices is that they seldom leave people feeling like the anger they were gripped by has been fully released, and so it continues to build up gradually over time, albeit at a slower pace until they too have to explode, often in a more dramatic and damaging fashion.
So my advice to people would be to try and find your container or the activity that best helps you articulate your anger, be it a physical or mental activity. Anger is something which requires eliminating from the body, it doesn't deserve to be managed, just translated into something positive.

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