Thursday, 1 October 2015

Being in your presence

Feeling like a nothing
Weighs a lot
I carried on chatting
Rambling away
About nothing in particular
Because you were surveying
My mouth
And froze in abject horror
As you considered me upside down
I didn't ask why
But proceeded to affirm my impotence
Distilled and reduced myself
To nothing

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Neo-feudalism as a cause of modern day prostitution respectability by making it a necessity

We are living in neo-fedualistic times. The increasing chasm between rich and poor leads to more and more direct trickle down outcomes like "SeekingArrangement" where intelligent female students cannot be fucked to work in a bar and instead choose to get their university tuition fees paid for by cash-rich time-poor middle-aged male benefactors. This is a more direct manifestation of the trickle down effect and infinitely more depressing to read about.